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Ward Is Going Green(er)

April 22, 2021 | Company News, System Updates

One of the harsh realities of the trucking industry is that by nature of what we do, we consume a substantial amount of energy and resources to do it. It’s no surprise that Trucking is one of the largest contributors to total global CO2 emissions.  While this isn’t good, the silver lining is when you’re the largest contributor to the problem, you also have the biggest opportunity to make it better.

Here at Ward, we understand how critical it is to create sustainable solutions that eliminate waste across our network.  Over the last several years we have worked to limit our carbon exposure by being more thoughtful about the type of equipment we purchase, how we utilize these assets, and continue to find ways to create an end-to-end paperless experience for our customers and suppliers.

We are proud to say that our fleet today is modern, well-maintained, and powered by technology to make it run more efficiently.   For instance, we’re using more fuel efficient single-axel tractors across our P&D and linehaul operation. These “dual-use” assets allow us to limit the amount of fuel consumed on a night basis.  This reduces our fuel consumption by about 500 gallons each night, which equates to over 130,000 gallons a year. Again, showing just how small incremental improvements can have a very big impact on the entire ecosystem.

Our paperless customer experience is another big initiative here at Ward.  We’re going digital and are unpacking the paper trail across the shipment’s lifecycle. Additionally, we are creating tools for our customers to automatically create, retrieve, and archive their paperwork quickly, safely, and in a centralized spot too. This coupled with our electronic billing and payment process contributes to a true paperless experience.

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At Ward we believe sustainability is a shared responsibility.  As we continue to create and think through new ways to help decarbonize our industry, we welcome new ideas from our customers and strategic suppliers.

On behalf of Ward, happy Earth Day!