Ward TLC customers appreciate us as much as we do them. Here’s a sampling of the freight carrier customer reviews. We are thankful for our customers – always!


We started shipping a few shipments with Ward back in 2015 when we were looking for a carrier that services the Eastern portion of the United States.  This Spring we started using them as a daily carrier.  Ward is a great partner and they fit in well with who we are as a company –  family oriented, caring about the customer, and they do what they say they will do…and in this day and age that is not always the case with the competition.



Lumax has roots with Ward Trucking that go way back to the infancy of Lumax with meeting our outgoing and incoming freight expectations. The personal service and attention are beyond what most people are used to. The relationship feels more like a family relationship than business relationship and the caring shows through on the deliveries.

My personal and business relationship spans over 30 years which is a testament to the family like personal service that is provide by Ward Trucking. What an honor to work with Ward Trucking.



You already know that Ward provides exceptional customer service! Ward also provides consistency, which is just as important. From pricing, to delivery, to service, you can bet that Ward will deliver satisfaction. But most of all, being able to work with the same representative for over 12 years, and receiving the same level of great service throughout, is why I go to Ward whenever I can.



We have been working with Ward since August 2015. Ward has gone above and beyond any service level we have expected. The proximity of the Altoona terminal makes this a great partnership for us as well. We can call on Ward at any time and we always get a professional and prompt response that is outstanding. Ward does a great job at delivering to our customers and we know when we hand over our freight Ward will handle it like it is their own. We were in need of storage and we were able to set up a meeting and implement the needs we had in a very short time.

We look forward to continue to grow this relationship and our businesses together as well.



We have used Ward Trucking for many years and I must say it has been a great experience. Ward has high quality Sales Reps and Drivers. Bridgett and Wes have been great to work with as they continue to give us EXCELLENT service without any issues which gives us peace of mind knowing our freight will be delivered on time and un damaged. I would recommend Ward Trucking for all your LTL requirements. High Quality Service!!!!