Ward Dedicated Freight Solutions removes the burden and risk of operating and owning a transportation supply chain away from companies by utilizing our teams and assets.

In today’s market, there are many factors motivating companies to outsource their supply chain to transportation carriers. Such motivators are alleviating the burdens of owning equipment, maintaining driver pools, and training and on boarding new hires. Unexpected maintenance cost, unplanned risk and liability, and increased service expectations are also contributing factors.

Who Benefits from Our Dedicated Freight Solutions?

Companies with a lack of purchasing power with equipment, fuel, and insurance will also benefit from a carrier’s purchasing powers and cost savings. With our expansive terminal and warehouse network, industry leading equipment pools, and our professional driver team, we will provide a solution for any supply chain.

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Dedicated Freight Solutions - Image of Truck with Container Loaded on It
Dedicated Freight Solutions - Green Cab and Long Load
Trucked Used in Ward's Dedicated Freight Solutions


Multi-Stop Routes (Static & Dynamic) | Unattended Deliveries | Warehouse Transfers

Power Only | Dropped Trailer Pools

Specialized Pick Up and Deliveries | Volume and Truckload

Benefits of Utilizing Ward Dedicated

  • Guaranteed Driver Availability
  • New Equipment Pools
  • Large Network Footprint
  • Eliminate Costs
  • Fleet Conversion
  • Predictable Transportation Spend
  • Alleviate Risk
  • Assured Fleet Capacity