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Ward Dedicated Solutions Creates Supply Chain Resiliency

July 27, 2021 | Supply Chain

In today’s current environment, owning equipment and maintaining a driver pool that supports a company’s supply chain has never been more challenging. Companies that rely on such are faced with daily challenges and risks. For 90 years, Ward Transport and Logistics has been helping those companies, small and large, offset challenges and risks by offering integrated dedicated transportation solutions.

Ward is in a great position to serve our customers’ dedicated transportation needs by leaning on our professional driver network, industry-leading equipment pools, and our expansive terminal and warehouse network. Our teams of logistic solutions experts identify challenges, link efficiencies, and leverage our capabilities to create a solution that supports our customers’ needs and wants.

There are many factors motivating companies to outsource their supply chain to transportation carriers. Such motivators are alleviating the burdens of owning equipment, maintaining driver pools, and training and onboarding new hires. Unexpected maintenance cost, unplanned risk, liability, and increased service expectations are also contributing factors. Companies with a lack of purchasing power with equipment, fuel, and insurance will also benefit from a carrier’s purchasing powers and cost savings.

In 2020, our customers saw the value of outsourcing assets and drivers and looked to Ward to fulfill those needs. We were thrilled to be able to create and execute on a variety of solutions for our customers. At the end of the day, we strengthen our partnerships and fulfilled expectations.

Ward’s goal is to create customized solutions for customers that allow them to focus on their core competencies while continuing to meet their customers’ expectations.  To inquire about a dedicated transportation fleet call or email us today.

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David Ward, Jr. – VP of Logistics