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Ward Transport & Logistics Panel Discussion – Getting An Inside Look at Outside Influencers

June 30, 2021 | Logistics, Trends

Altoona, PA − Ninety years in business is an impressive milestone. In nine decades, any company will witness economic swings, natural disasters, and shifting government policies. However, the best way to adapt and overcome is to listen and learn constantly, and that is why forward-thinking 4th generation Ward Transport and Logistics President Bill Ward, Jr. put together a panel discussion for the recent sales and
operations meetings.

Knowledge based on experience was on full display during the panel. The panelists included; Journal of Commerce journalist
Bill Cassidy
, Smith Transport President Todd Smith, and Falcone Industries CEO John Falcone. The discussions were led by moderator Tommy Barnes, CRO of MyCarrier. Ward offers more to its customers than just an LTL service. The fact that its services also include warehousing, brokerage, and dedicated is why Bill Cassidy found this panel constructive on many levels. “Knowing just your industry is no longer viable. Many external elements can affect both the company and customer supply chains.” The other two panelists supported Bill’s theory as their experiences demonstrated the importance of cross-platform data analytics.

“I believed John, Bill, and Todd were the perfect combination to provide our sales and operations teams with an inside look of what’s happening outside the company and how we can respond in order to continue to provide our customers industry-leading solutions,” says Ward Transport and Logistics President, Bill Ward, Jr.. MyCarrier CRO, Tommy Barnes agrees that keeping the pulse on several supply chain
arteries will help drive revenue and growth. Barnes states, “Technology automation for carriers was necessary last year. This year, the new normal is driving carriers to adopt freight automation which is now required to keep up with customer demand and satisfaction.”

After all the discussions, it’s clear that no one can say with certainty what will come next. However, if a company continues to look, listen, and learn, it will be more prepared to switch lanes and keep the trucks on smoother roads.

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