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Not All “Guaranteed” Products Are the Same

April 12, 2021 | Company News, Supply Chain

As we continue to move forward into the Second Quarter of 2021, we are witnessing historic shipping levels and a definite capacity crunch. Backlogs at ports, added containers on the ocean, tight inventory levels and driver shortages are adding even more stress to the customer’s supply chains.  As the economy continues to re-open and grow, it is our role to work with multiple customer departmental challenges and have a complete understanding of internal supply chain needs and demands.

When shipments schedules are a must, Ward Transport & Logistics’ guaranteed offering (Ward Assured), provides a 99.8% guaranteed on-time delivery service by Noon, 3:00 PM or a specific guaranteed window.   If any Ward Assured shipment fails to deliver on-time or in-tact, we do not force the customer to “file for a refund” but provide a 100% commitment to void the invoice on any failures.  Our reliable operations and customer service team monitors every Ward Assured Guarantee from pick-up to delivery.

With this commitment to service, you can rest (Ward) assured all shipments will meet your customer expectations.