Ward Expands Westward With Its 22nd Service Center in Chicago IL

Ward Expands Westward With Its 22nd Service Center in Chicago IL

July 18, 2022 | Company News, LTL, Service Expansions

In January of 2021, Ward Transport and Logistics opened its 21st service center in Toledo, OH, as the first step towards expanding its direct footprint to the west. That strategy accelerated as an opportunity to purchase Chicago-based Quality Cartage arose. “Quality has been a reliable partner for years, which allowed us to provide our customers with exceptional service to the Chicagoland area,” says Ward President Bill Ward, Jr.

Over the past several weeks, Ward and Quality team members worked together to sync the two carriers’ processes and systems, and now Ward operates its 22nd service center.  VP of Operations Dwain Key was impressed by the almost seamless transition. “The team energy level was exciting, and the motivation to work together is truly inspiring.”

Once known for its strong mid-Atlantic network, the company is quickly shedding that “regional” carrier status as it has opened three service centers in as many years.  Those are: South Plainfield, NJ (2020) | Toledo, OH (2021) | Chicago, IL (2022).

Expanding the network and opening new service centers are vital to providing customers with reliable service to more direct points.  Thankfully, Ward is getting pretty good at it.