Ward Rolls Out Its Corporate Sustainability Mission

Ward Rolls Out Its Corporate Sustainability Mission

April 30, 2024 | Company News, Green

Altoona, PA: Ward Transport and Logistics has recently unveiled its Corporate Sustainability Mission, a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint. This mission includes adopting more fuel-efficient trucks and electric forklifts, as well as electrical upgrades to all facilities within the Ward network. These initiatives are about becoming more eco-friendly and making a real difference to our environment.

The Ward Corporate Sustainability Mission goes further than Environmental initiatives. It also focuses on employee investments and charitable contributions to the local communities. Ward has filled the Manager of Quality and Sustainability role with our very own Sydney Granito to track and organize these programs.

Sydney will drive our Corporate Sustainability Mission by conducting thorough audits of our facilities to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations and standards. These audits involve evaluating waste management practices, emissions, resource usage, and adherence to environmental policies to mitigate environmental impact.

This role will also evaluate and verify the implementation and effectiveness of sustainability plans and efforts, including energy conservation, recycling programs, and sustainable resource use.

With her experience in our Process Improvement team and deep-rooted passion for environmental sustainability, Sydney is excited about the opportunities our Corporate Sustainability Mission presents. “I am most thrilled about the chance to reduce our carbon footprint in an industry where it has always seemed impossible. We are fortunate to have a beautiful Earth, and I am eager to contribute to its preservation through our company’s sustainability efforts,” says Sydney.

Sydney calls Cleveland, Ohio, home but says she feels right at home in any of our 22 service centers (and she has been to all). She is an avid sports fan who aims to catch a game in every NBA arena, which she has already been to 11.

Check out the Ward Corporate Sustainability Mission and download the PDF file.

For more information regarding our Corporate Sustainability Plan, please reach out to Sydney at sgranito@wardtlc.com