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Successful business owners agree that focusing on what a company does best and outsourcing the rest is a winning formula for growing a business profitably. Ward Logistics helps our customers do just that by expertly managing their private fleet, warehousing, distribution, and inventory functions.

We function like other 3PL providers, but with important differences. First, the inventiveness and experience of our management team in warehousing and inter-modal transportation is simply in a class by itself. You’ll see the difference in your first conversation. Secondly, we’re an asset-based third-party logistics company; meaning, we own our facilities and equipment, which gives us cost and control advantages.

At the Crossroads of NE Commerce

Our warehouse facilities are located in Altoona, PA. – less than 250 miles to Cleveland and Columbus to the west, Philadelphia and New York City to the east, Richmond and Washington, DC to the south, and Buffalo to the north.

Custom Logistics Solutions

When you do business with Ward Logistics you’re leveraging the expertise of a family-owned company with over 80 years of transportation experience. This experience gives us deep insight into your logistics challenges-what solution will work best for you; and what solutions won’t work.

Let us evaluate your logistics requirements and recommend a complete solution that can include any or all of the following supply chain services:

  • Brokerage (regional, national, international)
  • LTL (van)
  • TL (van and flatbed)
  • Inter-modal
  • Warehousing, Warehouse Management
  • Kitting and Bundling services
  • Inventory Procurement / JIT cartage
  • Freight Consolidation and Deconsolidation
  • Re-work and Re-package
  • Dedicated Transportation
  • Fleet Conversion and Operations
  • Consulting

Modern, Efficient Facilities

We can manage your warehouse assets, or move the inventory to our facilities. Many of our customers have freed up considerable capital by selling their warehouses. Ward Logistics has 475,000 square feet of general warehouse space in multiple large facilities in Altoona. Some of our facilities meet food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade standards. Two of our warehouses are equipped with inside rail spurs.