Ward Protect From Freeze
Available to Chicago and Canada
Next day points come in bunches when you have a network of 20 strategically placed service centers in the Mid-Atlantic region. But it’s more than just where we go, it’s about creating an exceptional customer experience.
Sure TempĀ® Reversible Pallet Cover with Black Nylon/Aluminum outer linings is our most versatile and reliable passive temperature protection pallet cover designed for LTL or FTL protection against both cold and heat.
This reversible pallet cover combines thermal efficiency for cold protection when using the heat absorbent black nylon material on the outside and reversed for heat protection when used with the reflective, reinforced pure aluminum foil on the outside.
A hollow-fiber insulating fill, available in different fill weights/lofts is also used to add thermal protection for both uses. The durable, outer black nylon and reinforced pure aluminum foil linings are designed to makes this pallet cover excellent for re-use.
1. Thermal protection for commodities with a freezing point of 32 degrees or lower.
2. Service available from November 1 – April 30.
3. Service Monday – Friday with weekend protection provided for Friday pickups.
4. Applies to direct next day service lanes only.

How We Do It
1. Hundreds of durable pallet covers proven to withstand below zero temperatures.
2. All PFF shipments are monitored 24 hours a day at the pro level to ensure they are moving and delivering timely and without delay.
3.Weather conditions are closely monitored to ensure PFF shipments are prioritized for first out movement.
4. Heated warm rooms throughout Ward’s Network.

1. Shipper must write “Protect from Freeze” or “PFF” on the bill of lading.
2. Service can be requested by calling customer service, scheduling a pick-up online, or an API or EDI transmission.
Protect From Freeze Palet with Cover
Value-Added benefits of Ward’s Proteect From Freeze Service
1. Shipments highly susceptible to freezing are routed in the system to deliver ASAP!
2. Shipments coded as PFF in our system are monitored throughout the day by a designated CSR.
3. Email alerts are sent when extreme weather conditions occur.

Protect From Freeze Form