Ward TLC Human Resources Contact Info

The Ward TLC Human Resources Contact Info on this page is being provided as a convenience to our current and past employees and their families. Please reach out to the appropriate Human Resources contact listed below for assistance.

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1 (800) 458-3625 (M-F 8:00 A.M. to 5 P.M.)

Ward Human Resources

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Sarah M Fusco Ext. 71258
Aislinn M Concepcion Ext. 71418
Courtney D Stiver Ext. 71323
Emilee R Rhine Ext. 71351
Michele N McKernan Ext. 71425

Ward Benefits & Wellness

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Kayla Frye Ext. 71203
Kristine Hartley Ext. 71293

Ward Payroll

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Amber Chirdon Ext. 71356
Heather V Leutenegger Ext. 71221

Other Resources

Paycheck / W-2 and Benefits & Wellness Information (UKG)

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UKG WorkForce Ready


Use these links if you wish to access the WorkForce Ready Mobile applications.
WorkForce Ready Mobile for iPhone

WorkForce Ready Mobile for Android

You will need to do these 2 things when setting up the Mobile App.

  1. Select your region, you should check ‘North America’
  2. Then it will ask you to enter a company short name, enter 6073440.

After you get past that you will then enter your username and password.



UKG Dimensions (Timeclock)



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