Uniform Program

Uniform Program and Wardbucks

What is the Wardbucks program?

Wardbucks is a recognition program designed to encourage supervisors to recognize their employees for going the extra mile to help the company achieve its key results. By awarding Wardbucks we are recognizing our employees who demonstrate the Ward Cultural Beliefs which include:

  1. One Ward
  2. Customers First
  3. Safety Rules
  4. Act Now
  5. I Matter
  6. Drive Change
  7. Wellness wins

These beliefs are the foundation for helping our company achieve its results so when an employee receives Wardbucks, it is a small token of our appreciation for you taking ownership of your job to help us achieve our key results.

You can redeem Wardbucks and place them on a Wardbucks gift card to purchase Ward Gear from the Ward company store or redeem them to purchase or help offset any out of pocket expenses on uniform orders, etc.

Uniform Program Catalogs


Anderson Uniform Driver Approved Catalog

Anderson Uniform Expanded Catalog

Anderson Supervisory Catalog

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