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Three Logistics Trends to Watch

Posted by Ward TLC - Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 3:53 PM

Here are three trends shaping the logistics and supply chain environment and how Ward is keeping pace for our customers.

Logistic Trend #1: Innovation within the Final Mile

Continued focus by service oriented providers on Innovating the Final Mile to their customers. Amazon, Google, and eBay all launched or ramped up their efforts to provide same-day delivery to their customers last year. Traditional carriers will be looking to innovate the “final mile delivery” as it will remain a priority for retailers and service providers in the years ahead to compete in the fast moving marketplace. Optimization and mobile technologies will play an important role here, as will mobile technology to optimize the drivers to execute these tasks.

Did you know that Ward’s LTL and TL divisions provide a vast array of premium services already? With our “When it’s Needed, Where it’s Needed” philosophy we provide same day, expedited and multiple levels of our standard guaranteed service products to support you to compete in today’s “just in time” world.

Logistic Trend #2: The Emergence of Asset-Based Logistics Consultants

More and more asset-based 3PLs, and asset based carriers are becoming Logistics Consultants. Over the past few years, we’ve seen 3PLs offering technology-only solutions to customers, software vendors introducing managed services, and consultants offering technology and managed services in addition to their standard project-based services. Successful carriers will continue to provide 3PL services into and outside of their core business. Solution based carriers have the assets to back up their brand with guaranteed secured capacity while being a consultant and a technology provider all rolled into one.

Did you know that Ward offers transportation consulting services? Contact a Ward representative to schedule a free of charge initial consultation. Rest assured this team is backed by over 125 years of senior level transportation experience in all modes of the supply chain.

Logistics Trend #3: Increased Adoption of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Frito-Lay, Waste Management, Staples, AT&T, and Mohawk Industries are among the many companies that have started using alternative fuel vehicles that include natural gas, electric, and hybrids in their transportation operations in order to reduce their company’s carbon footprint. The rising cost of fossil fuel and sustainability goals have been the main driving forces. The nation’s natural gas supply will continue to lead other companies in this direction in the months and years ahead.

Did you know that Ward has replaced 35% of our fleet in the last 2 years, which reduced our carbon footprint dramatically and overall fuel usage for each mile driven? We are also a “Smartway” approved carrier.