Technology And Integration

Streamlining Your Supply Chain
with Technology


In the never-ending effort to improve the efficiency of our customer’s supply chains we employ communications technologies and system integration technologies.

Advanced Routing and Communications

The LTL drivers for Ward Trucking are each equipped with wireless tablet computers and software by Cheetah Systems. This real-time routing and communications system puts us in constant contact with the drivers and their location. If they are ahead of schedule our dispatcher knows it. If weather is causing delays, we know it right away and can advise our customers what to expect. Drivers also have access to customer shipment information and preferences on their tablets. So, if a delivery is to be made to a specific dock bay, the driver will have access to that information in your records.

System and Data Integration

We support industry-standard EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) formats that enable you to seamlessly integrate Ward’s shipping data with your ERP or supply chain software. This dramatically reduces paperwork and gives you timely data at your fingertips.

Online Tools

Over a dozen productivity tools are available to customers on our website. Everything from Request Pick-up to Prepare Shipping Labels is available to you on any computer, tablet, or smart phone with a Web browser.