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Ward is going green(er)

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 at 1:52 PM

One of the harsh realities of the trucking industry is that by nature of what we do, we consume a substantial amount of energy and resources to do it. It’s no surprise that Trucking is one of the largest contributors to total global CO2 emissions.  While this isn’t good, the silver lining is when you’re the largest contributor to the problem, you also have the biggest opportunity to make it better.


Here at Ward, we understand how critical it is to create sustainable solutions that eliminate waste across our network.  Over the last several years we have worked to limit our carbon exposure by being more thoughtful about the type of equipment we purchase, how we utilize these assets, and continue to find ways to create an end-to-end paperless experience for our customers and suppliers.


We are proud to say that our fleet today is modern, well-maintained, and powered by technology to make it run more efficiently.   For instance, we’re using more fuel efficient single-axel tractors across our P&D and linehaul operation. These “dual-use” assets allow us to limit the amount of fuel consumed on a night basis.  This reduces our fuel consumption by about 500 gallons each night, which equates to over 130,000 gallons a year. Again, showing just how small incremental improvements can have a very big impact on the entire ecosystem. 


Our paperless customer experience is another big initiative here at Ward.  We’re going digital and are unpacking the paper trail across the shipment’s lifecycle. Additionally, we are creating tools for our customers to automatically create, retrieve, and archive their paperwork quickly, safely, and in a centralized spot too. This coupled with our electronic billing and payment process contributes to a true paperless experience. 



Click here to get paperless invoicing now.  Why wait until June 1st?



At Ward we believe sustainability is a shared responsibility.  As we continue to create and think through new ways to help decarbonize our industry, we welcome new ideas from our customers and strategic suppliers.


On behalf of Ward, happy Earth Day!








Not all “Guaranteed” products are the same

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Monday, April 12th, 2021 at 10:13 AM


As we continue to move forward into the Second Quarter of 2021, we are witnessing historic shipping levels and a definite capacity crunch. Backlogs at ports, added containers on the ocean, tight inventory levels and driver shortages are adding even more stress to the customer’s supply chains.  As the economy continues to re-open and grow, it is our role to work with multiple customer departmental challenges and have a complete understanding of internal supply chain needs and demands.



When shipments schedules are a must, Ward Transport & Logistics’ guaranteed offering (Ward Assured), provides a 99.8% guaranteed on-time delivery service by Noon, 3:00 PM or a specific guaranteed window.   If any Ward Assured shipment fails to deliver on-time or in-tact, we do not force the customer to “file for a refund” but provide a 100% commitment to void the invoice on any failures.  Our reliable operations and customer service team monitors every Ward Assured Guarantee from pick-up to delivery.



With this commitment to service, you can rest (Ward) assured all shipments will meet your customer expectations.




Ward named a top carrier in latest Mastio survey

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Monday, March 22nd, 2021 at 10:35 AM

Altoona, PA – 3/22/21


As you know, one of the core pillars of our cultural beliefs is our commitment to customers first. It is in this regard, I am proud that Ward Transport and Logistics was named the 2020 top carrier in the Mid-Atlantic by the Mastio group. This is a huge honor and a first for our company.


The Mastio survey is conducted annually and entails comparing all major LTL carriers based on customer feedback. The survey is the industry standard as it pertains to measuring a carriers value to customers. Over 350 Ward customers were surveyed and the responses came back clear, our beloved customers love shipping the Ward way. We were rated high in the categories of service, sales force interaction, problem resolution, quality of drivers and claims free handling. I have always said, we have strong competitors in our footprint. They make us better, but to be the top carrier is a true accomplishment especially given the difficulties and challenges our industry experienced in 2020.


To our valued customers….thank you for this honor. I promise the ONE WARD Team will take a moment to celebrate, but then quickly refocus our efforts to deliver an industry-leading customer experience in 2021.






Ward is now offering service to/fro Michigan

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 7:48 AM


Ward Transport & Logistics is excited to announce our next level service expansion into the state of Michigan on March 1, 2021!  With the opening of our newest Toledo Ohio facility in January of 2021 we advised that this would be a two stage opening.  Stage one has been a great success, we are seeing strong service into the northwest Ohio market and have been rewarded with terrific growth, stage two is now ready to launch!


We are coming to Michigan, using our newest Toledo facility as the impetus to provide service to 90% of the population in the state.
Our transit service will be exceptional with many next day lanes into the large markets of Detroit, Dearborn and Monroe.


Get from Baltimore to Detroit NEXT DAY!


Have freight in Winchester Va you need in Dearborn, we’ll get it there NEXT DAY!


What about New Jersey you ask, yep, NJ and Eastern Pa to greater Detroit NEXT DAY!


And of course this goes both ways! For our friends in the south 2 day service from Charlotte and Raleigh into the Greater Detroit area!


We also have an added day product that fills the balance of the market that expands from Warren to Grand Rapids and from Flint to Kalamazoo providing you with exceptional Michigan coverage. For the best and of course most accurate transit times check our website at or speak with your Logistics Solutions Manager today for the latest and greatest news from Ward.


We know you have a choice and we thank you for “Shipping the Ward Way”!






Covid-19 Update 4-21-20

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 at 11:05 AM

To: All ONE WARD Employees, Families and Customers

From: Bill Ward Jr, President

Subj: COVID-19 Response Update

I hope everyone is staying healthy and well during this difficult time. I would be remiss if I didn’t begin this communication by thanking our drivers. They are truly the backbone of America and their daily sacrifice is keeping our country running. I was happy to see our truckers get the appreciation they deserve at last week’s White House rally. Knowing the business as we do, we know that those drivers require a supporting cast and am also so grateful to all members of the ONE WARD Team for the work they are doing. As has been said all over the nation, we truly are “all in this together.”

While we work to serve our customers, we continue to observe the health guidelines as advised by the CDC. Approximately, 150 gallons of hand sanitizer has been distributed company-wide thus far with more on the way. Likewise, 5,000 face masks have been distributed with another 10,000 additional ordered. Rubber gloves have also been provided. We will maintain a rolling three-month stockpile of these items so we will continue to have the supplies to stay safe. As we do our best to ensure our team has everything they need, it is imperative that we all take individual responsibility and use these tools. Finally, the planning to ensure our cost structure remains in line with our revenues, which we monitor each day, has put our company in a very stable position financially. During this unprecedented time, most carriers have implemented similar measures.

As we await government orders and directions on reopening the country and hypothesize what the “new normal” will look like, we know that the remainder of 2020 will be uncertain. We look forward to the day we can be together once again, and look back on this tragedy and know we have all done our part to support our country and our company to overcome this tragic event.

In closing, the safety of our teammates and customers remain our number one priority. I thank all of you for your continued sacrifice. It truly means a lot to my family and I. Take care of each other and stay healthy.


Bill Ward Jr, President

Covid-19 Update 3-17-20

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 3:04 PM

To: Our Valued Customers

From: Bill Ward Jr., President

First, I hope this finds you, your employees and your company well, or at least as well as possible, while we all collectively navigate this new uncharted territory that is the COVID-19 crisis.

The Ward companies and all of our service centers are open for business. Though many states, like our home state of Pennsylvania, have recently enacted business closures to varying degrees, it does not apply to trucking and logistics, as the continued transportation of goods and supplies is a critical and necessary component of not just combatting the current situation, but of the nation’s economy as a whole.

Please know that we are vigilant in dealing with the current situation, which is affecting all of us to some degree.  Some of the items we have initiated in the past several weeks include:

  1. All Ward associates have received training and have been educated about the virus, its prevention, and its symptoms.
  2. Health questionnaires have been completed by all Ward employees, in order for the company to assess information regarding potential COVID-19 risks and exposures.
  3. All visitors to all Ward facilities are completing such questionnaires, as well.
  4. Employees have been provided with additional hand sanitizer and latex gloves.
  5. Cleaning/sanitizing efforts of our facilities and equipment have been increased and intensified.
  6. Employees are to observe social distancing reaming 6-10 feet from others.
  7. Complete business travel restriction is in place for all Ward personnel.

Effective 18 March 2020, we will add the following steps as well:

  • Inside pickup and deliveries will not be performed.  Special arrangements can be made upon request.
  • Customer is no longer required to sign delivery receipts.
  • All employees that can work remotely are instructed to do so.
  • All in person meetings will be eliminated.


Please accept my assurance that all levels of company leadership are closely monitoring this situation to best ensure the safety of both you, our valued customer, and the entire Ward team.  Thank you.


Bill Ward, Jr.


Covid-19 UPDATE: Precautions, Protections, Plans

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Friday, March 13th, 2020 at 10:48 AM


Altoona, PA – 3/13/20

From: Bill Ward Jr., President

As we have seen, the COVID-19 coronavirus situation remains an uncertain one at best. As our cultural values state, we are dedicated to the health and safety of not only our employees, but also our customers that we are interacting with on a daily basis. In an abundance of caution, we are enacting the plan below. This is by no means an exhaustive listing.


-Training is being conducted at each service center and in every corporate department in which employees will be educated on the facts and avoidance techniques.

-In order for the company to gather information about potential risks, each employee will fill out a health questionnaire specific to possible COVID-19 exposure, as will all visitors to Ward locations.

-The Company will be providing hand sanitizer to all Ward locations, for employee use. Latex gloves have also been distributed, for employee use.

 –All Ward locations have been directed to increase and intensify their cleaning and disinfecting efforts to Ward facilities and equipment.


The Company strongly recommends that you take precautionary measures, as well, in order to better protect yourselves, your families, your fellow employees and your communities.  Suggested resources for more information about the virus and preventative measures include:

– Center for Disease Control (CDC) –

– World Health Organization (WHO) –

I assure you all levels of company leadership are closely monitoring this situation to ensure the safety of the entire ONE WARD Team and our customers.

Ward Logistics rolls out “Cross-Dock America”

Posted by Bill Bettwy - Friday, January 31st, 2020 at 8:29 AM


The new service that launched in December of 2019 focuses on carriers and logistics companies that are in need of emergency cross-docking services. Cross Dock America has an expansive national warehouse network of 40 million square feet that includes the following services: cross-dock, transfer, store/hold, rework, freight consolidation, and final mile delivery. Whether your shipment was refused, damaged in transit or for any other reason, Cross Dock America is here to get you and your team moving again.

Call 877.758.1591 to speak with a Cross Dock America representative today!

For cross dock locations go to