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Regulations – Ward Innovation Keeps Your Cargo Safe

Ward Innovation Keeps Your Cargo Safe

Posted by Ward TLC - Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 3:15 PM

Cargo Securement Standards

On September 27, 2002, FMCSA revised its regulations concerning protection against shifting and falling cargo for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) engaged in interstate commerce. The new cargo securement standards are based on the North American Cargo Securement Standard Model Regulations. They reflect the results of a multi-year comprehensive research program to evaluate current United States and Canadian cargo securement regulations; the motor carrier industry’s best practices; and recommendations presented during a series of public meetings. The meetings involved United States and Canadian industry experts, Federal, State and Provincial enforcement officials, and other interested parties.

The new regulations require motor carriers to change the way they use cargo securement devices to prevent articles from shifting on or within, or falling from, CMVs. In some instances, the changes may require motor carriers to increase the number of tiedowns used to secure certain types of cargos. However, the rule generally does not prohibit the use of tiedowns or cargo securement devices currently in use. Therefore, motor carriers are not required to purchase new cargo securement equipment to comply with the rule.

The intent of the new regulations is to reduce the number of crashes caused by cargo shifting on or within, or falling from, CMVs operating in interstate commerce, and to harmonize to the greatest extent practicable United States, Canadian, and Mexican cargo securement regulations.

Ward StackUp freight safety

Ward’s StackUp Freight Safety System

At Ward Transport & Logistics we have utilized the trademarked Stack Up Loading System™ in our line haul operation dating back to the late 90’s. Ward utilizes a combination of Stack Racks and Load Bars to compartmentalize/secure our valued customer’s freight in the timely movement of their shipments between our 19 Service Centers.

Dave Crean, Vice President of Operations,  commented on the company’s use of the unique system:

“Since 2009 Ward has continued to increase the number of Stacks Racks utilized, resulting in an inventory in excess of 1000 racks and well over several hundred Load Bars. These tools enable our well trained driver/dock associates to safely load out thousands of shipments each and every day.”

Over the last (4) years, Ward has seen its claim ratio reduced by 43%. In addition Ward’s percentage of shipments delivered in factory fresh condition, has improved to 99.73%. Ward believes that in the high speed short haul LTL market there is a need for Speed/Safety and Securement (3S), our system of  providing Training & Tools (2T) sets in motion our daily formula 2T = 3S of accomplishing all three simultaneously day in and day out.